The Alien-Terminator-Human is BACK!!

I can’t believe it’s been SOOO long since I last wrote you! I’ve missed you all.  As usual, I was having problems at school, so my parents wouldn’t let my blog. Then I had to deal with summer school. I finally finished yesterday. Can you believe they barely let me drive or go to the mall for months? That’s just messed up.

I know you’re wondering–it’s July 4th, why aren’t you watching the fireworks, Ripley?  Fireworks are super dangerous for us terminators, even partial terminators like me. If one tiny spark hits us, we can short circuit. I had a spark land on my leg when I was a kid, and I thought I was going to die. The pain was insane! I was lucky it didn’t hit my CPU.  I had to sit in the E.R. waiting room with over 100 other terminators. It was not fun.

Since my accident, we’ve always stayed inside and watched the fireworks on TV.  We went to a barbecue earlier today at a human neighbor’s house but left early. Can you believe they served hard-boiled eggs? They know we aliens can’t eat eggs, since, hello, we are born from them! It really freaks us out when non-aliens eat them.

They did have an awesome cake at least:

alien cake

Hope you had a fun Fourth of July!  Hope you terminators stayed safe!

Big Chap loves Ice Cream

We Xenomorphs love ice cream!


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Easter and April Fool’s alien-terminator style!

Hope you enjoyed both holidays!  They’re huge in our family, and we had a blast. I’ve never seen Nana Ripley so happy.

Easter is super important since we aliens hatch from eggs.  We don’t eat eggs because they are so precious to our species. We don’t even dye eggs.

Brunch was wonderful with everyone getting together. We met at Uncle John’s and Aunt Kate’s house and checked out the nursery. She’s due in a few months, and we can’t wait for a human baby to join the family. I think we’re all tired of baby aliens drooling all over the place.

Here are a few hilarious Easter related alien images from my Pinterest page:


My parents played the best April Fool’s joke—they told us Mom was expecting again! They totally got us since we aliens ARE known to be fertile. But could you imagine? Nine kids?  In our tiny house?  No way. Thank GOD they were joking.

What was your favorite April Fool’s joke today?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Connor family!

Sorry I’m a day late, but I’ve been busy cleaning the house after the big parties!  Plus, we went to two parades yesterday, so I was beat. Yes, terminators get tired too!

Sure, we’re not officially Irish since my grandfather adopted the name when he guarded the Connors. But Uncle John treats us like his family.  Hope you had a great day!

Irish facehugger