Animated Aliens in 60 seconds

1A4 Studio makes hilarious animated parodies of films in 60 seconds. Here’s their take on Aliens:

Check out more on the 1A4 Studio YouTube channel.

This reminds me of my June 20th post “Alien and The Terminator in 30 seconds! And performed by bunnies!

I introduced you to the work of Jennifer Shiman of Angry Alien Productions. She creates cartoons of bunnies reenacting films in 30 seconds.

Here are Shiman’s parodies:

Shiman alien parodyAlien in 30 seconds:


Shiman terminator parodyThe Terminator in 30 seconds:

Awesome stuff, huh? Which is your favorite?

Kate had a Baby BOY!!

No, not Kate Middleton—my Aunt Kate, Uncle John Connor’s wife. They named him Michael, after my Grandpa. As I wrote in my post “Sarah, John and Grandpa Connor,” he was one of the Connor terminator bodyguards. Uncle definitely thought of Grandpa as his real dad.

Little Mike is adorable—8 lbs, 7 ounces.  He is 100% human but who knows, maybe he’ll get a few terminator parts as he grows up.

Check out the cute onesies Nana Ellen Ripley bought:


So excited for my new cousin!

Aliens…in Lego!

Most of these Lego creations were made by humans. But can you tell which one was made by my brother Hal, an alien-terminator-human?? Hint: it’s very intricate and well-designed. Obviously, he’s around enough real aliens to use as models!


Check out more fun on my Pinterest page.

Man of Steel? He’s an alien AND terminator!

You know he’s an alien from Krypton, right? Well, he has the nickname of “Man of Steel” for a reason—he’s part terminator! I’m actually surprised more humans don’t know this fact. The latest movie even shows him wearing a suit resembling his terminator endoskeleton.

Man of Steel

Since Kal-El (Superman) and other Kryptonians look human, many humans accept them. We have some family friends from Krypton, and they’re really cool. Their son, Robert, is super cute too!  But he’s dating a terminator girl from school.

I love that humans always pit all aliens against each other.  Have you read any Superman vs. Aliens comic books? Pretty annoying. Most aliens DO get along!

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Yes, some alien-terminators are Kryptonian!

Chestburster in Superman