First, I must apologize for not talking to you guys in FOREVER!! School is still ridiculously hard, and my parents won’t even let me think about the blog. They even check it to make sure I haven’t updated! I told them I HAD to post about the Oscars!

Did you watch? Were you surprised by any wins? Who was the classiest alien, terminator or hybrid?  Could you even tell? I know humans have a tough time telling the difference between all of us. I wrote about a few obvious ones in my January 15th post, “Prometheus was snubbed from the Golden Globes and the Oscars:

Daniel Day-Lewis: alien-human. Jessica Chastain: petite, newer model terminator. Quentin Tarantino: an annoying racist human.

Here are some others you may not know about.

Jennifer Lawrence: a super down-to-earth alien-human. She’s proud of her heritage and often talks about her alien-human family in Kentucky. Her tail got caught in the dress which is why she fell. Poor thing!

Jennifer Lawrence


Charlize Theron: beautiful alien-human. We were shocked she didn’t even mention Prometheus. It’s like we aliens don’t even exist. The Academy doesn’t want to hear that aliens created humans!

Charlize Theron


Ang Lee: He’s very comfortable kissing the metal Oscar statue since he is made of metal!  He’s 100% terminator. I think it’s obvious. Every movie he makes is completely different because he simply implants new characters and stories into his CPU. I’m not saying he’s not creative, but he doesn’t have to research much.

Ang Lee


Ben Affleck: alien-terminator-human.  His sweat leaked into his CPU, shorting it out a little.  That’s why his CPU was out of whack causing him to talk so quickly. You can see the alien in him—his head is huge compared to humans.

Ben Affleck


The night was filled with beautiful aliens, terminators and hybrids. But let’s not forget the FASHION!! I adored Jennifer Lawrence who looks great in everything. I also loved Halle Berry (alien-terminator-human), Naomi Watts (terminator) and Jennifer Garner (human.) So many other gorgeous stars, I can’t list them all.


Who were your favorites?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. LifeOfBun says:

    Wow… that dress drom jennifer lawrence looks like a dream.. so fluffed up and pretty.. and I hope things are less stressy for you soon!

  2. orbphotog says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is stunning as only a mixed breed can be! Too bad about the tail, but it gave us all a chance to really appreciate the exquisitely layered design of her gown.

  3. Jennifer Garner looks both hot and romantic, just like she used to be in the amazing “Alias” series ! I’m happy that your parents let you post this amazing review !

  4. Everyone is very proud of Jennifer Lawrence, here in her hometown of Louisville – and rightly so!

    Good luck with school, Ripley 🙂 You have your priorities right 🙂

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