Of course aliens eat and drink

Humans ask the weirdest questions like “What do aliens eat?” The same things you eat!  We ARE part human you know!

Here’s some proof that we enjoy food and drinks like you:


Any doubts now??

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  1. orbphotog says:

    Alien-humans definitely like popsicles. Maybe the icy metallica taste combined with otherworldly intensity is a spacey reminder of interplanetary childhoods.

    • you hit the nail on the head!!! ice cream is also a big hit. we all rush to the ice cream truck in the summer. the human driver gets a little scared of a bunch of aliens running toward him!

  2. YellowCable says:

    One of the alien do smoke too. I am wondering alcohol effects alien as it does on human . Could alien has higher (or lower) alcohol tolerant level than human?

    • Aliens actually have a higher tolerance for alcohol since we are so much bigger than regular humans. Smoking is rare in our community though. The nicotine stains both sets of teeth. And bad breath in two mouths is not pleasant!

  3. Mr Rumsey says:

    I no longer have any doubts

  4. The first picture

    Humans: Are you going to kill us?
    Alien: Quite

    Arghhhhh! The Pain!

  5. let us all eat cake!

  6. LOL For some reason, I particularly liked the “Xenomorph wants cupcake” 😛

  7. I never thought that aliens would eat cupcakes ! Thanks for letting me know !

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