OH. MY. GOD!!!! I know it’s been FOREVER!! This has been the month from hell!  I can’t wait until Christmas vacation.

I’ve been swamped with homework and failing some classes. My parents wouldn’t let me even look at this blog til I improved my grades. I’m doing a little better, spending more time doing the stupid homework. Does anyone even use algebra? Or chemistry?? Puh-lease! I mean, I want to go into fashion, so I don’t need this crap!

They barely even let me go to the mall!  And you know, Ripley can’t be having that.

On top of everything, my brother Mike, who was born only two months ago, had four surgeries already. I wrote about him growing too fast, and the docs put him on hormones. Well, they stopped working, and he’s almost 12 feet tall now.  WAY too tall for an infant.

Basically, the docs had to remove some glands and give him terminator parts. Not sure of the details, but all I know, is he cries ALL THE TIME! Mom said he’s in pain, but none of us are getting any sleep around here!

He is super adorable though, so it’s tough to stay angry.  Look at this baby picture when he was a chestburster only a few hours old. That’s my sister Maria holding the bottle:

Feeding Mike as a chestburster

Here’s Mike just two days later. HUGE baby. Uncle John Connor gave him that bunny.  He will not let go of it!

Mike with stuffed bunny

Hopefully, I’ll keep up my grades and be allowed to write this blog. I miss writing you guys!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Alastair says:

    I like the alien on Prometheus. But if you mix it with a bit of Arnie, or maybe female TX and Bishop’s humour then you got a great alien

  2. YellowCable says:

    Alien needs to study too, you know. Otherwise they will not be very advance and are able to travel far to planet earth to have fun. Good luck with the school work 🙂

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