We in Maryland lucked out compared to other parts of the country.  Sure, some folks lost power, trees fell and homes were damaged. But nothing like the devastation in New Jersey and New York. I am still in utter disbelief. The images and videos are heartbreaking, and I wish them all a speedy recovery.

A surprising outcome, I would even call it a glimmer of hope for mankind, was the reaction from New Jersey’s governor. If you know Chris Christie at all, he is a loud, obnoxious, Obama-hater and huge supporter of Mitt Romney. But after this tragedy, he praised Obama for his amazing support during this horrendous time. He even went on Fox News, the most conservative news channel, and only said positive things about Obama.   Here’s just some of a New York Times blog post

“I cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state,” Mr. Christie said. He introduced the president, saying that it was his “honor” to present him for remarks.

Mr. Christie’s praise was striking for its departure from the political rhetoric of just a few days ago. At a rally in Richmond, Va., last week, Mr. Christie lashed out at the president, saying Mr. Obama had never learned how to lead anything, having served as a community organizer, state legislator and one-term United States senator.

“He’s like a man wandering around a dark room, hands up against the wall, clutching for the light switch of leadership, and he just can’t find it,” Mr. Christie said at the rally.

Those attacks were gone Wednesday. And Mr. Obama returned the compliment, saying that Mr. Christie “throughout this process has been responsive” and that “he’s been aggressive in making sure” that the state was prepared before the storm.

“I think the people of New Jersey recognize that he’s put his heart and soul” into the recovery after the storm. “I just want to thank him for his extraordinary leadership and participation.”

—–The New York Times, October 31, 2012

Here are the two men today:

Obama and Christie

Via The Washington Post, October 31, 2012

I love this new union. Christie and Obama are putting aside politics to help people, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.  I feel this partnership can be summed up in this photo of former enemies:

Alien and Predator hug

If aliens and predators can be friends, so can Republicans and Democrats.

Please keep the Hurricane Sandy victims in your thoughts.

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  1. I didn’t know about the animosity between the governor and Obama… but yes… it gives you hope and uplifts your spirit to read words like those 🙂

    • Yes Christie was a huge Obama critic and even spoke at the GOP convention. Christie really put himself out there and many Republicans aren’t happy with his change of heart.

      • See, that kind of attitude stuns me. At a time when the nation should be coming together, you get idiots like that who only want to tear it apart. I know it happens on both sides of the political fence, but it still pisses me off!

      • I totally agree. I think folks are getting even more divided with the election next week.

      • It’s a close one – ABC was saying Obama is just one point ahead right now. I can’t vote anyway; I’m a permanent resident, not a citizen, so I’m not eligible.

      • Yeah I just mean the country is so polarized, so extreme. Obama voters hate Romney and vice versa. We’ll see what happens! We aliens are rooting for Obama.

  2. YellowCable says:

    I would like to see alien (or predator) can be friend too.

  3. Great post, Ripley. Glad things aren’t so bad where you are.

  4. Very nice post, hope you are okay 🙂

  5. Ah Yes. Here in NJ we are oh so familiar-and pleased about the common ground-really good post. I have to add on a sad note however, that Halloween was cancelled, yes cancelled in my town because of the hurricane aftermath, That makes two years in a row.

    • Are you okay? Is your home okay? I am still in shock about the damage. The pics are unreal and I can’t imagine seeing it firsthand. Take care of yourself. Wishing all Jersey folk a safe speedy recovery!

  6. Hi! Just letting you know that I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” – screwiness-o-ramaDOTcom/2012/11/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ – congratulations! 😉

  7. john todaro says:

    Ripley, this was a great line:
    “If aliens and predators can be friends, so can Republicans and Democrats.”

    I hope they hear you.

  8. Mark welch says:

    Thanks for using our picture 🙂

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