I’m so sorry I haven’t written in forever. My brother Mike is driving us all crazy. He’s only a month old and is still shedding! He’s 10 feet 4 inches tall already.  At a month old!  The average height for alien-humans is around 9 feet.

Mom and Dad have been really worried and took him to four doctors. He has high levels of growth hormones (well, duh!) so they put him on some meds.  I hate when doctors think drugging up kids is the answer to everything. Especially hormones! Not something you should mess around with. But he hasn’t grown in the past few days, so I guess the meds are working.

Mike keeps hitting his head on the door frames and cries forever! I know he is only a baby, but you would think he would’ve learned to duck by now!

So, I should be able to write more now that, fingers crossed. I swear, I think I spend around 2 hours cleaning up the skin and goop. I mean, I have homework, and I’d like to get to the mall once in a while, right?

By the way, look at the adorable stuffed alien I bought Mike from the mall:

Stuffed alien

 Via Allyson-X

He just slobbers all over it, and I’ve already washed it a few times. I finally took it away from him and will give it back when he’s a little older—and can control his drool a little more!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. How’s the acidity levels in his blood? At that age, he should at least be able to melt plastic with his drool…

  2. Ah, baby slobber. Will he grow out of that?

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