Artist Jska Priebe created these amazing icons of important women. Although you humans think of the women from the world of science fiction, they’re just regular folks to me!

Here’s a painting of the original Ellen Ripley:

St. Ellen

Isn’t the chestburster simply adorable? What a chubby little guy.

Nana almost bought this print but felt it would be weird to have a painting of herself in the house.  It’s not really her but the original Ripley.  Still pretty freaky. We think the artist must’ve met Ripley because the resemblance is uncanny.  Much better likeness than Sigourney Weaver.

Here’s Sarah Connor:

St. Sarah

Dad wanted to buy this, but the real Sarah Connor didn’t smoke. He felt it disrespectful to show her as a saint who smokes!

Priebe also painted St. Rachael.

St. Rachael

You know her as a replicant from the movie Blade Runner. Mom wanted to name one of my sisters Rachael, but since my brother is already named after Rick Deckard from the film, she decided to choose another name

I love Trinity from The Matrix.

St. Trinity

My grandfather saw the real Trinity at a terminator conference a few years ago. He had such a crush on her! He didn’t even talk to her because he was so nervous. So cute!

Apparently, the real Neo is a complete douchebag! I still cannot believe some people think Neo and my Uncle John Connor are the same person.  I wrote about this in my July 24th post, “Is Neo from The Matrix actually Uncle John Connor?”  Ridiculous!

Check out more of Jska Priebe’s cool artwork HERE.

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. LifeOfBun says:

    Hay! I’ve nominated your for an Grammy! Or an award at least! 😛 no hard feelings if you don’t accept it of course.

  2. I like the art, oh and here is something you may like, look whos #1! and #4!

  3. I loooove your blog, and I love trinity from the matrix.

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