Although these pieces look ridiculously unwearable, Gareth Pugh created them for specific needs of the alien-terminator community. However, the outfits are so expensive, no one can afford them.

Pugh created this headdress for aliens to wear after facial plastic surgery. The alien can see through the feathers, but no one can see the oozing, healing skin underneath.

Gareth Pugh alien headress

More outfits created for post-surgery. The left one is an abstract version of the alien body:

More alien headpieces

Terminators also wear these headpieces while waiting for facial skin grafts. The fake human skin wears down after a few years, and metal starts to show.  Fake skin is expensive, so some of us buy it used. If you’re saving up to buy new skin, you may wear one of these for a while!

I saw a woman in New York wearing this one, except hers was metal:

Pugh cube headpiece

Basically, these are stylish versions of the Muslim burqa.  Humans get frightened easily by our molting faces, so we have to cover up.

These metal eye pieces also serve an important purpose:

Terminator eye braces

They’re braces to keep new terminator eyes in place. You have to wear them for a week after an eye transplant.  My aunt needed a new right eye because the bulb would turn off randomly. The electrics were faulty, but now, one eye is brighter than the other! Fail!

Yes, Pugh’s work looks strange, but at least it’s functional. Don’t dismiss these “oddball” designers! Some of them know exactly what they’re doing!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Alastair says:

    Great photos and descriptions. Did your aunt’s eyes have different colours, or was it just the brightness?

  2. These are such amazing images. I love Gareth Pugh! He’s brilliant!

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