I’m really into fashion, as you know. But Iris van Herpen’s outfits actually freak me out! Fashion should not be scary.

She created a synthetic material based on alien skin. She’s actually trying to get the product patented. I think it’s called Alienata. She cut the material in strips and pieced them together. I’m just glad she didn’t use REAL alien skin. That would be gross!!

Iris van Herpen using synthetic alien skin

Via irisvanherpen.com


Do you remember the T-1000, the liquid metal villain in Terminator 2?

Liquid metal T-1000Via Unrealitymag.com

Well, that character influenced this outfit for sure.

T-1000 inspired outfit

Via Contourmagazine.com

Here’s another view of it:

Liquid metal T-1000 inspired outfit

Via irisvanherpen.com

It’s trying to be some kind of liquid for some reason. No clue how she did this. Could you imagine how many people you would hit trying to walk down the street? Think about an alien wearing this! Our long heads already smack everyone in the face.

She also created a mask based on alien skeletons.

Alien skeleton mask

Via irisvanherpen.com

Gotta give her credit for being creative, right?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

10 responses »

  1. That’s… slightly disturbing LOL

  2. Mondrak says:

    What weird fashion … eermm … yeah, did I say fashion?

    Like the skull 🙂

  3. These dresses are made for you. Your style all over!

  4. […] wrote in my September 4th post, “Bizarre fashion based on my peeps,” about a very freaky fashion designer, Iris van Herpen.  Well, a friend just sent me a picture […]

  5. LifeOfBun says:

    Ohh.. I didn’t know about that designer… Straight up my alley. Creepy yeah but… Woa 😀

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