I’m the luckiest blogger! My readers send me great posts, taking the pressure off me to be entertaining!

Thanks to Tim the Film Guy (again) for finding this hilarious image:

Start your day with an egg

Via superbeast79

I love this since Mom just laid an egg a few days ago! Mike made some cooing sounds today. The egg kept oozing though, so we all took turns cleaning up the slop. Dad’s not sure when he’ll hatch since each baby grows at his own pace. His egg is rather large, so Dad thinks he’ll be a husky boy.

One problem with the picture though—there should be four eggs, one for each facehugger!


Another suggestion from Tim the Film Guy:


Via Set Phasers to LOL

Aren’t the eggs SO cute??  I wish we had little pink noses!  Although, I really think we are cute babies. Humans don’t see us in person just in those awful movies. We’re much more attractive in real life!


Finally, thanks to Mondrak of Mondrak’s blog for sending me this:

Terminator dog

Via LOLthis.com

Dad actually had a terminator dog before I was born. The poor thing got run over, and Dad couldn’t restart him. Mom said he cried for weeks and vowed never to have any more pets. Sucks for us! I really want a cat, but Dad says it’s not gonna happen. Fail.


Thanks again Tim and Mondrak for looking out for me! Please check out their awesome blogs! They’re good people. In fact, I would like to make them both honorary alien-human-terminators!  This is the ultimate award!

Tim’s Film Reviews

Mondrak’s Blog

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  1. Mondrak says:

    Thank you Ripley 🙂

  2. Thank you Ripley for giving me the ultimate award! 😀

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