I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  It’s been a tough and weird couple of weeks. We came back from the beach last Friday because Mom thought she would lay the egg soon.

When we got home, Grandpa got really sick. We took him to the Terminator ER, and they said he was going to expire soon. We could not believe it.  I mean, this came out of nowhere! Apparently, rust had taken over his CPU.  It spread pretty quickly, so no one saw it earlier. It showed up only internally, and we couldn’t even see the rust on his skin. We were in complete shock. I mean, just three days before, he was chatting it up.  He did complain about some headaches but blew them off.

Then, Monday, August 20th, my Grandpa, an amazing terminator bodyguard of the Connors and a great man, died. It happened so quickly, no one understood what was going on.

About an hour afterwards, Mom laid her egg, a boy. We totally knew this was a reincarnation of Grandpa. Mom and Dad named him after Grandpa, Mike.

Dad checked out the egg, and he seemed fine. The size is normal, and it looks healthy.  Mike can’t talk yet, but in a few days, he’ll start making goo-goo sounds.

It hasn’t set in yet about Grandpa. I think Mom laying the egg was a big distraction for us all.

So I’m going to be writing a lot of light entries for a while, posting fun stuff to cheer myself up.  Hope that’ll be cool with all of you.  I’m so glad to be writing again. This will be the best distraction of all.

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Mondrak says:

    I’m so sorry that the rust got to your Grandpa Terminator. It is always hard when they shut down and switch off for the last time.

    I believe you may be right and that his CPU has been reintegrated into the new egg, and I’m glad Egg is healthy.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your Grandfather 😦
    Happy to hear about your brother 🙂
    but as for light distracting posts I might be able o help 😀


    Glad your back 😀

    • Thanks so much Tim!! Yeah it’s been tough, but we all love Mike. He’s a bit on the chunky side, so he’ll probably be a big facehugger! And thanks for the posts as usual!! I’ll be posting a lot to my new Pinterest site too, so check that out.

      • Your welcome Ripley 😀
        I checked out your Pin interest, but I don’t have that so I will just be following the blog for now 😀

      • No problem. You can always go there once in a while to see the updated photos. I’ve already repinned dozens of neat images from other boards. People really love us aliens and terminators! But I appreciate you following blog and your comments!

  3. Alan says:

    I’m sorry for your loss.

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