She is SO big, and you can practically see the egg in her stomach.  I bet she’s going to lay it very soon.

Dad’s been fixing up the nursery for about a week. I think that’s his way to deal, just distract himself making things we don’t need. He’s apparently making a special seat, so Mom is more comfortable pushing out the egg.  I have no idea why, but whatever keeps him happy, right?

Uncle John came over today and kept Dad company. They both busied themselves in the workroom. I heard Dad talking about getting a different job to help pay for this 8th kid!

I wish my slacker brother Rick would get off his big butt and get a job!  He failed college and thinks he can just hang out with us forever. And I really want his room!  I do NOT want to share mine with another kid!

Nana Ellen Ripley spent yesterday and today helping Mom. She paced with her, rubbed her back, wiped off the sweat and drool. Nana’s really become such a sweetie. And the new terminator parts Dad installed really worked. I mean, she got a new terminator CPU and heart!  I bet anyone would act like a kid again after all that.  So weird seeing this alien-human clone becoming a terminator.  Talk about hybrid!

I really hope Mom delivers soon. She looks so uncomfortable. I mean, pushing out a giant egg does not look fun.  Aliens need four or five epidurals since our spines are so long. The tail has to be numbed too.

Look at this scale model of an alien next to her egg!

Alien with egg scale model

How does she push that thing out??

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Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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