I know you’re watching the Olympics and thinking, these athletes are superhuman! Well, you’re right!

They haven’t come out of the closet as being inter-specied, but I have really great interspecies-radar.  I think you’ll have to agree with some of my guesses.

Michael Phelps: terminator.  This seems like a good assumption, right? Even humans think he’s superhuman.  His wingspan alone makes everyone question what he really is. Check out this analysis of his body:

Michael Phelps

Missy Franklin: alien-human-terminator. Amazing speed in the water. Also has super long arms.

Ryan Lochte: surprisingly just human

LeBron James: This guy’s really annoying. He was born alien-human, but keeps adding on the latest Terminator parts. I’ve heard he’s a secret project for some scientists. They spend so much money on him—that’s why they wanted him to win the stupid championships.

And he runs on full terminator power even though that’s illegal!!!  I wrote about this in my May 28th post, “The power of terminators.”

LeBron James

Gabby Douglas: alien-human. Pretty obvious since she’s so light on her feet but still super strong. She’s so adorable too!

Noor Hussain Al-Malki, the female runner from Qatar: terminator. Sadly, she’s made of old terminator parts since she had to build herself with her own money. No one in her country supported her since she’s a woman. It’s amazing she can run at all! One of her rusty parts gave out as soon as she started running, and she couldn’t even finish the race. I wish someone updated her!

Noor Hussain Al-Malki

Hope you’re enjoying the Games.  Even though some of the athletes have advantages, it’s still so fun to watch!

Who else do you think isn’t human??

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Mondrak says:

    Brilliant Ripley. I think that the female rowers are part terminator. And the speed of the british female pursuit team, they have to be part alien

  2. Bug says:

    Wingspan – ha ha.

    Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

  3. […] an alien-human. I initially thought Obama was a simple human as I wrote in my August 5th post, “Aliens and Terminators in the Olympics.”  But his birth certificate clearly states he is an alien-human […]

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