I know what you’ve been thinking–where is that darn Ripley?

Well, I was sick for a few days. I had some weird skin rash which can be dangerous for aliens.  Mine spread into the back of my head and actually affected my CPU.  The hot weather didn’t help. Most terminators have been inside to keep their CPU’s cool. Always keep your computers in air-conditioned rooms, people!

I went to the IT hospital to get rebooted. That’s always tricky because you never know if you’ll lose any memories. Luckily, they backed up my CPU first and rebooted. My CPU and memory were fully restored.

But the rash didn’t go away until this morning. It’s kind of like chicken pox for humans. Really itchy and yucky, oozing sores.  Like we aliens don’t ooze enough, right?

Dana and Elizabeth also caught the rash. I think Dana got it in daycare, and we got it from her. Aren’t babies loaded with germs?  Feels like we’re always sick with whatever she gets.

Speaking of babies, Mom is starting to show. She might lay her egg in the next week. I am SO not looking forward to this.

Could you imagine if aliens gave birth to humans? Ha!!

Alien with human chestburster

Via oestranhomundodek.tumblr.com


About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

10 responses »

  1. Mondrak says:

    Glad you’re feeling better and sliming any more than an alien normally would.

  2. Haha that pic of the baby coming out of the alien, so getting that on a t-shirt 😀

  3. Mama?
    Ha, ha. Too funny! Glad to hear you’re back.

  4. steviegill says:

    An acid proof baby? Perhaps the next-generation colonial marine?

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