I hear this theory ALL THE TIME!  If you remember The Matrix, Keanu Reeves played Neo, a guy who finds out he’s the future savior of humankind in a battle against machines.

Some swear The Matrix is a fictionalized account of Uncle John’s story. Humans are pretty obsessed with Uncle John, him being their savior and all. There are so many differences in the movies though, like the whole matrix itself! I mean, Uncle John didn’t get unplugged or anything to live in the real world. He didn’t have to pick the red or blue button or anything.

Apparently, some people think the Mr. Smith characters are supposed to stand in for the terminators.  It’s just a movie! It’s not based on anything true!

The Mr. Smiths

A woman named Sophia Stewart even claimed The Matrix and Terminator films were based on her manuscript, “The Third Eye.” That’s total bull. Don’t people have better things to think about?

Here are some articles about Sophia Stewart’s copyright infringement lawsuit:

‘Matrix’ Lawsuit to Move Forward

Sophia Stewart: Official site of the Mother of The Matrix

Matrix lawsuit on Snopes.com


What do you think? Do you think Neo is supposed to be Uncle John Connor?

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Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. […] Neo and my Uncle John Connor are the same person.  I wrote about this in my July 24th post, “Is Neo from The Matrix actually Uncle John Connor?”  […]

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