For the past few months, Nana has visited Dad’s workshop getting metal parts, tune-ups and a CPU. And get this—she got a new terminator heart!!  She’s the first clone with both a terminator heart and CPU. My great-great grandmother should last another ten years because of Dad’s help.

She’s almost as good as new, on the inside at least. I swear it’s really freaky seeing an 86 year old with more energy than my 13 year old sister! And after she got a new CPU, her emotions changed. That’s why she’s been so nice lately. I love the new Nana! I mean she bought me so much stuff for my birthday! And thank GOD she doesn’t act like a bitter old woman complaining about everything.

I’m just so glad Nana isn’t going to die soon. The scientists freaked us out releasing new clones and saying Nana would expire soon.  Dad wasn’t having any of that.  He promised to try and save her.

Nana adores Dad after all the time and energy he’s spent on fixing her. It’s so cool to see a clone who’s friends with a terminator. Especially a clone who’s hated robots for decades!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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