Mom and I just came back from our fabulous New York weekend. I had a blast except it was SUPER hot! It was over 100 degrees yesterday, and we aliens do NOT like the heat. We actually carried washcloths to sop up the sweat. When we get really hot, our skin gets gooey too. Not attractive at all.

And my terminator legs were scorching. I almost burned myself putting on my sandals! I had to make sure I didn’t touch my legs all day. The heat also messed up my CPU a little.  Like all computers, we work best in cold temperatures.  So I know I wasn’t thinking very clearly.

We went to some modeling agencies Friday, but I didn’t get to talk to anyone. At one big agency, the receptionist told me to put my headshots in this giant box. I hope someone actually looks at them!  The other famous agencies wouldn’t even let me in the door!  So that was pretty disappointing.

Mom said I should try agencies specializing in “ethnic” looks. I found some that only represent aliens and alien-humans.  I don’t know about them though. I really want to have a big time agent, you know?  I mean that’s how I’m going to get the big jobs. I gave my headshots anyway. Mom said I had to start somewhere.

The shopping was overwhelming!  So many amazing stores and too little money. I mean, Mom only gave me $300 which I blew at the first store, Macy’s!  I bought some gorgeous headbands and knockout jewelry. I decided to buy a lot of smaller accessories to use for many outfits instead of splurging on one expensive thing. Very practical, right?

I still had to go to the important stores. I drooled in Barney’s and almost passed out by the gorgeous shoes!  Everything at Bergdorf was stunning. We only window-shopped at the Alexander McQueen store. A celebrity was shopping inside, so none of us regular folks could go in.  I kept peering in the window but couldn’t tell who was in there.

The best thing about the trip was seeing the amazing people, alien-humans and terminators. They looked so confident, well-dressed and chic. I could totally fit in here. Just hope I become a model soon to get out of the suburbs!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. nyparrot says:

    Check out this: OCTOBER 2012– Next quarterly photography submission theme for the PRINT and digital – for Styleology Magazine (!vstc1=about/vstc0=about) publication!vstc2=october-2012/vstc1=submissions/vstc0=submissions01
    It takes time for the page to open up – just wait. Good luck!!

  2. Well, your trip to NYC was much more exciting than my own. I traveled there a few months ago and I was struck by all the people. Too many people. Couldn’t breathe. Museums though, awesome.

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