I am so excited! I got my headshots yesterday to give to modeling agencies. I look great in them, of course! I have a good feeling about this. I bet an agent from Elite or Ford will be dying to sign me up.

Mom gave me a $300 allowance to buy anything. It’s not enough for some high end outfits I saw online. But I’m thinking about buying some cool accessories. Vogue and Elle always say to add accessories to liven up a boring closet.

I just hope I don’t drool in the boutiques and modeling agencies. As you know, we aliens can have problems with extra saliva, usually when we’re nervous, excited or just hungry.  I have to pack extra tissues in my purse. Could you imagine if I ruined my chance to be a model because I couldn’t control my slobber?  Fail.

Maria wanted to come with us to see the art museums, but luckily Mom said this was my birthday present. I do NOT want her tagging along making us go to her boring museums. I mean, New York is about shopping, right?

I think we’ll do some of the touristy stuff too though. I want to see Ellis Island. Even though terminators are born here on earth, aliens are definitely immigrants.  Now, we have intermarried with humans and terminators, but we all came from immigrants. Ellis Island has a permanent exhibit for aliens and shows our history which I’ve heard is pretty cool.

What else do you think I should do in New York?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. What a great post ! I’m so excited for you ! Enjoy every second of this amazing opportunity ! I’m pretty sure I’ll see you in “ELLE”, “Vogue” and on Fashion TV pretty soon …

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