Last Friday, a huge storm totally wrecked some parts of America. I live in Maryland, and we were hit pretty badly.  We lost electricity for 30 hours but got power back. A day and a half later, we lost power AGAIN! And the electric company has no clue when we’ll get power for good.

We’ve been staying with Uncle John, but his place is really tiny for all of us.  I’ve been sharing a sofa with Dana which is horrible. She still drools even after her terminator jaw implant. Fail. I swear if I have to wake up in another puddle of goo, I’m going to scream.

Uncle John smokes, and his apartment reeks! Don’t get me started about the cigarette butts everywhere! And he’s the savior of humankind? You would think he could afford a maid and a nice big house, right?

Dad can’t even work in the garage to build a generator. He has a few lights on his body but not enough to weld.  He’s built generators before but always donated them to hospitals and nursing homes.  Couldn’t he have kept one for his own family?? I’m dying here!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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