I wrote in May 23rd’s post, “More Ellen Ripley clones coming soon” that they were supposed to arrive June 1st. Well, the scientists had some bureaucratic issues with Weyland-Yutani Corporation, their boss. Finally, #555 and 556 were released today.

Ellen Ripley clone #539, my Nana, brought them to our house. She said they were smarter than previous ones since the scientists actually installed computer chips in their brains similar to terminator CPU’s.  It’s almost like Ellen Ripley clones were becoming terminators!  Nana had some bad experiences with robots on her missions, but she liked terminators. And she liked these clone-robots.

Scientists released clones of different ages. #555 was 22 years old, and #556 was 31.  And Nana was 86 which is really old for clones.  Scientists hoped these newer ones would live as long as Nana. After all, they are cloned from her.

The clones seemed okay, kinda boring though. It’s so weird seeing basically the same person at three different ages. They didn’t look exactly the same but really close.  We had dinner with them and noticed something weird. #555 ate a lot of chicken, but #556 preferred the salad. Maybe the scientists made one a vegetarian?

I don’t like that the company still does this.  They’re trying to create the perfect being or something.

What freaks me out is this means Nana will die soon. The official term is “expire,” but I can’t think of it like that. I mean, she’s my great-great grandma.  Even though for most of my life, she’s been incredibly bitter and sarcastic, she’s still Nana, and I love her. She’s been super nice and loving these past few weeks which is normal for a clone near the end of her lifespan. I don’t know why scientists can create their emotions but make them nasty for most of their lives. Wouldn’t the perfect creation be nice too?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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