Sorry I haven’t written in days. We lost power after a huge storm Friday night. We stayed in a hotel, but their internet was down! Believe me, I almost DIED without the internet!! Luckily, we got power a few hours ago.

So today was my sweet 16th!  Like I wrote in my June 25th post, “MY BIRTHDAY IS JULY 1st” my mom is taking me to New York next weekend as my big birthday present!

My family did pretty well with presents this year.  Hal got me a $200 Banana Republic gift card! Elizabeth and Mom made a great birthday cake. Dana made an adorable card. Shelley and Andre got me a huge fashion design history book. A lot of the earlier stuff is really boring and ugly, but the newer fashion is amazing. Even Rick and Maria got me a $20 Steve Madden gift card.  Of course, I can probably only buy one pair of socks with that, but I still could not believe they got me something.

Dad is just amazing!  He made these fantastic gold stripes to go down the side of my terminator legs!  I cannot tell you how cool they are.  No one has ANYTHING like this!!  Can you imagine if I start a new trend??  OMG!

Then there’s Nana who surprised all of us.  She paid for my headshots!!  She took me to a photographer Friday morning, and he must’ve taken like 50 shots. And I looked great, of course!  I get the proofs Tuesday, and then he’ll give me prints to give to modeling agencies in NY. I am so close to becoming a model.

Oh, I almost forgot: Lisa’s sweet sixteen party was last night! Thank God the hotel had electricity. I had to go to Nana’s place to get dressed. Her nursing home never lost power since they need electricity to keep the old people alive.  She actually helped me do my hair and was really sweet the whole time.

The party was AMAZING!  Great music, everyone from school was there, even Dale.  We didn’t really talk, but I saw him looking at me in my gorgeous Calvin Klein dress! I was by far the best dressed.

I had such a good time this weekend! Even the storm didn’t get me down!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. gioben19 says:

    Nice blog, It should be very fun to live near NY city. You should See my blog too ! Great work and Happy 16th birthday !

  2. Congratulations for your BDay. My best wishes for you and your family!!

  3. Happy Sweet 16 !!! I wish you all the best and good luck for your modelling plans !

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