Rick blew the whistle about my surprise birthday gift, so I have to tell you.  Mom and I are going to New York!! I’ve never been and am so excited!  And get this—Nana is still in her great mood and will pay for my headshots! Can you believe it?

I’m getting the photos taken this Sunday, and we’re going to New York the following weekend.  That means I can take my headshots to modeling agencies!  How great will that be if I get an agent on the first try?

I know you’re thinking–what about a sweet sixteen party.  I told my parents I want the money they would’ve spent to buy new clothes.

Plus, Lisa’s party is the night before. Her parents are loaded, so I know I couldn’t compete with her. I don’t want to look cheap with a pathetic party at the community center.

This is SO much better anyway. I mean, if I get a modeling contract, who needs a high school party, right?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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