Today was the last day of school, and we were all supposed to be celebrating.  Signing yearbooks, all that stuff.  But someone released a nasty virus on Mac terminators. It was really messed up. A lot of my friends were in the IT nurse’s office all day. The virus was pretty tough to detect, and they’re still trying to repair the CPU’s.

The virus hit nationwide, and some of our family friends ended up in the terminator hospital. It hit some worse than others, especially older terminators.

My family runs on Linux, except for Grandpa. He was one of the Connors’ protectors, and Uncle John made all his bodyguards have Mac CPU’s.  He did that since Macs rarely get hit by viruses.

This virus looks really bad.  Grandpa’s in the hospital and went into a coma this afternoon.  Dad’s working frantically in the hospital with the docs trying to repair him or at least get him out of the coma.  We’re hoping someone in the country figures out a cure by tomorrow. Dad says doctors in New Mexico are close.

One good thing happened today at least–I got an A on this blog assignment!  My teacher Sameena loved it and suggested I stick with it.  Even though I hated this project in the beginning, I really do like writing now! Who knew?

What do you think? Should I keep writing??

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Sameena Usmani says:

    Yes, yes, yes! You’re doing a great job! And I want to keep reading it over the summer.

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