I’m going to review the movie, and then my brother Rick wants to add his two cents. Why am I letting him? He’s going to teach me how to parallel park. I’m getting my driver’s license next month, and Dad is a horrible teacher. Just remember Rick’s super paranoid and will probably have some weird theories.

I’ll go first:

The movie started with some disappointment. The theater owners put all of us aliens in one section as usual. Our heads got in the way of the shorter humans and terminators with smaller heads. They could get booster seats, right?

The movie was absolutely horrifying!  I was so scared and tense the whole time. I don’t know how many times I screamed.  But at least the movie showed that aliens weren’t the only evil ones in the universe.  Some humans were too!! I wished there was at least one nice alien.

Dad’s friend, Ben, was amazing!  He played David the robot. He was the best thing about the movie.  Charlize Theron was great too. One of the characters asked her if she was a robot. I couldn’t stop laughing because Charlize is actually a terminator! But she played a human in the film!

Overall, the movie wasn’t bad. At least it showed man’s dark side too, not just the aliens. I wish it wasn’t so scary!!


Now here’s my brother’s take on the movie. Remember he’s weird:

I, Rick Connor, only offer my opinions on Prometheus to stir your imagination to create new interpretations.

I appreciate art that challenges hegemony and pushes us to contemplate important issues of the day.  I feel Prometheus shines as a strong social commentary while also being a successful piece of entertainment.

As a summer blockbuster, Prometheus does not disappoint. It boasts stellar visual effects and a piercing sound design.  Suspense and sickening horror fill the theater, and its audience appreciates every moment.

The performances are also superb.  Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, exuding strength, confidence and beauty. But she pales next to my ancestor, Ellen Ripley.  We have not met the real Elizabeth Shaw yet, but I think Nana Ellen may chat with her soon.

Director Ridley Scott professes his disappointment with all beings, primarily with humans.  I find this utterly refreshing. Prometheus also challenges our assumptions about life asking larger questions–Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we are going? Why do we create? Why do we destroy?

I give the film a solid 4 stars.  Besides the stunning visual and sound designs, the film pushes us to question everything and create our own stories.

Thank you to my sister, Ripley, for allowing me to enter the conversation. And thank you reader for this opportunity to reflect on art.  Enjoy the film!


Hi, it’s Ripley here: Sorry about that everyone. I told you Rick is a strange, strange guy. I don’t even understand half of what he wrote!!

So what did you think about Prometheus??

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Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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