The alien community welcomes every new baby in a formal naming ceremony.  It’s kind of like a christening, but not religious, just a cultural tradition.  The parents announce the baby’s name, and each family member says what they will teach the baby.

Yesterday, everyone welcomed Dana.  Mom said she would teach her compassion, Dad said love, Shelley said courage, Hal said diligence, Elizabeth said kindness, Uncle John said strength, and Nana said determination.  Rick and Maria both said truth which really pissed me off. I hope they don’t try to make her a paranoid freak like them.

And what did I say?  Beauty, of course!  My parents were not happy I said that, but what else would I say?

Dana looked adorable in this purple dress I picked from Nordstrom:

Unfortunately, she drooled on it, but I would not let Mom put a bib on her during the ceremony.  It would totally cover up the dress!

She only cried once when Nana talked to her.  Nana spoke in a kind of loud commanding voice which scared her. Uncle John sang her a lullaby, and I almost cried. He would be such a great father.

Then we had a huge brunch, and I ate with some family friends.  I saw a really cute guy and asked my friend Michelle about him.  Jason and his family moved into town a few weeks ago. He’s 17, and he has two adopted sisters, both terminators.  He sat with his parents, so I didn’t want to introduce myself in front of them.  Don’t want to appear too forward, you know?  Not very lady-like.

Apparently he goes to the same church as us. I might be going to church more often now!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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