So in my April 26th post, “David from Prometheus looks like Dad’s college buddy,” I wrote that Dad emailed his friend, Ben. He’s a terminator college buddy who got stuck playing the robot or terminator in plays.

Well, can you believe Ben actually emailed back!!  Ben does play David the android!! How cool is that? I actually know an actor.

Ben sent a mass email to a bunch of college friends about how his life was so great now. He’s going to star in another film soon playing another android.  Dad’s surprised because Ben hated being typecast as a robot. But money talks, right?  If someone offered me a million bucks to model a line I totally hated, would I do it?  In a heartbeat.

Ben wrote that Ridley Scott was so great and listened to all the actors. He even took some of Ben’s advice on what David would do in certain situations.   But Ridley didn’t talk to many aliens. Ben thought he must’ve had bad experiences with aliens before. Why else would he make us all look so nasty?

Then Ben wrote about the gorgeous Charlize Theron. We think she’s alien-human since she’s so tall.  She even looks a little like my insane Aunt Nancy.  Maybe Ben can introduce me to Charlize. She’s an amazing model, and I’m sure she could give me some great advice. But I don’t think I could ever look as ugly as she did in that movie, Monster! I mean, I’m a pretty girl and need to look my best all the time!

I hope we can meet Ben. I could learn so much from him about the biz, and I’m sure he knows some supermodels. Now the whole family is excited to see Prometheus.  I mean, we know one of the actors!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. […] We’re all shocked. It was only nominated for like visual effects or something for the Oscars.  Dad’s friend, Ben, was so upset. He played David the android which I wrote about in my June 2nd post, “David the android from Prometheus emailed Dad.” […]

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