Uncle John asked Dad to teach him terminator anatomy. He said he knows so many and wants to help if needed. I know Uncle helped a human choking in a restaurant once. He didn’t really know what he was doing though since he only saw the Heimlich used in movies. So after that, he took CPR classes.

Now, Uncle wants to learn about terminators. He comes over every few days and hangs out with Dad in the garage. I hear welding and metal clanking. He looks so happy when he comes out of the workroom even though he’s covered in grease. I hate going in there! I smell like oil after only a few seconds.

When we watch TV, he examines our terminator parts. He tightens up Elizabeth’s pinky finger and plans on helping with Hal’s tune-up.  They go to Pep Boys and Home Depot every day getting supplies.

He even wants to help Dad install Dana’s jaw next week.  Uncle John actually asks me if I want to be there! Can you imagine me being near blood, slime and grease?  I get nauseous thinking about it!

The paranoid freaks, Rick and Maria, still blurt out their theories. They say Uncle John wants to learn about terminators because he is one! I cannot stand this. They think he knows only terminators can beat Skynet when it returns. First of all, Skynet is dead!!  And people killed it before, so Uncle John and his crew can do it again.

I hope everyone will finally realize Uncle John is just a sweet guy who wants to save us all, not just humans.

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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