Elizabeth, my sweet little sister, has been taking ballet for around three years now.  She loves every second of class but gets terrified during the recitals.  We always sit in the front row to egg her on.  Tonight’s her big performance as the lead ballerina!

I really don’t know how Elizabeth does it.  Ballet is so tough for aliens because the tails get in the way. You have to learn how to balance differently than humans and terminators.  It’s amazing we can walk at all with the tails and of course the giant heads. The world is not designed for alien bodies, that’s for sure!

Luckily, this class was alien-only, so the teacher taught them how to handle the tail and head.  She had to change the choreography, so the girls didn’t hit their heads and tails against each other. Some girls even taped their tails to their bodies which must hurt like hell! On top of that, they wear those ballet shoes. They went through so much pain all in the name of art.

Uncle John set up the camcorder while my parents, Hal, his boyfriend, Christian and I grabbed the whole front row.  Elizabeth looked so adorable in her lavender tutu!  And her makeup was perfect thanks to me. I decided to French braid her hair, and it looked gorgeous. I even curled her bangs to give it a special touch.

She fell a few times because a freakishly tall girl got in her way. I mean, aliens are tall, but this girl was probably ten feet tall, no joke!  But Elizabeth was such a trooper. She picked herself up and went right back into the routine!

Even with the slip-ups, Elizabeth nailed her performance, and I think we were the loudest family applauding at the end. You should’ve seen Uncle John. He went up to the stage and gave her a bouquet of flowers.  He’s so generous and loving. I think he even cried. He’ll be such a great father.

But so many still think John Connor is a terminator!! What’s wrong with these people, aliens and terminators??

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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