Many humans think all terminators are indestructible brutes.  In those movies, bullets and weapons don’t destroy us, and we’re super smart. That’s actually not true at all.

When we get our central processing units installed in our brains, the surgeon sets the power at a certain level.  I know, he basically plays God which really freaks me out.  Our power level determines how smart and how strong we are.

Why do they do this?  So terminators are on the same playing field as everyone else. Since humans reprogrammed terminators after the War, all of us go through this “tune-up.”  These settings can never be changed. We can learn new things though. Otherwise, what’s the point of going to school, right?

I’m set at 44% for my CPU and 56% for my legs. I’m close to an average human. But my legs look cooler than human legs! Can I tell you how many times I have to hear that Maria is 80 some percent for her CPU?? I mean, being a genius isn’t that great if you’re such a depressed paranoid freak all the time, right?

Aliens are also less powerful after years and years of breeding with humans.  We don’t even have acid blood anymore, just regular blood like you. I would hate having acid blood. If we were in an accident, we could burn through anything, even humans and terminators. Dad would have to fix his endoskeleton every time he had to put a bandage on us!

What’s weird is so many humans don’t know this about us and are still scared when they first meet terminators. Some actually think we’re going to kill them!  After they get to know a terminator, most seem okay around us.

But I do hear some kids at school saying hateful things about us. I try to ignore it, but I get upset sometimes. I cannot wait until I become a famous model and fashion designer to show them how cool we are!  I know they’re just jealous anyway. Humans look so average and boring around us! What’s the point of being average?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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