We knew this would happen. The scientists, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Lawrence, who cloned Nana called her today. They will release two new Ellen Ripleys June 1st.

Nana was really upset since she won’t be an original anymore.  She outlived the other living Ellen Ripleys.  Nana is clone #539, but #540 and #541 died almost 20 years ago. Usually clones only live until their 50’s, but she’s 86!  So, of course, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Lawrence studied her all the time. They finally figured out what made her tick for so long. Hopefully, the new clones will live long lives because of Nana’s DNA.

I have no idea how the cloning happens. Kinda freaks me out, you know?  They grow in test tubes then in these weird bubbles. If you’ve seen Alien Resurrection, it’s sorta like in that lab. Luckily, the recent clones are fully developed. Dr. Mitchell actually tried creating a male clone, but it never seemed to work. They couldn’t get some of the male parts to come out okay!

Dad studied alien anatomy in nursing school and worked in the lab a lot.  He and his classmates took care of #534 before she died.  Dad said #534 was super friendly, and she even ran for city council!

She didn’t win because I guess people weren’t ready for a clone in politics. Aliens and terminators voted for her though. Soon aliens and terminators will outnumber humans, so I bet we’ll get elected then. Wouldn’t it be so great if an alien or terminator became president?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. […] wrote in May 23rd’s post, “More Ellen Ripley clones coming soon” that they were supposed to arrive June 1st. Well, the scientists had some bureaucratic issues […]

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