Dad’s in his workroom building Dana a jaw brace. He says her head doesn’t fit in the brace from Target.  So he’s creating a custom one for her.

He’s making something custom for Dana, so I deserve something unique too! I’m so tired of my boring terminator legs he bought off the rack!  I found a picture of these amazing golden legs that would look perfect on me. Check them out:

via Addicted to Consumerism

I think they will look so beautiful especially if I show up at Lisa’s sweet sixteen wearing them! I can pair them with a luscious plum dress, of course if Mom and Dad let me buy a decent outfit. You know everyone will love them, especially Dale! No one in school has any golden terminator parts.  They are really expensive, and only top models wear them.

Dad looks at this picture and at least doesn’t say no immediately. He says he can paint my existing legs but making a whole new pair of legs is too expensive. Also, gold isn’t the strongest metal or something. Whatever! I just want to look good Dad!

I’m afraid of just painting over my existing legs. I mean what if they turn out looking really cheesy, right? I might actually play in Dad’s workroom and paint some terminator metal scraps to see what they look like gold.

Can you imagine me in a workroom painting metal? I can’t. But anything in the name of fashion, right? I so hope this works! I need to look hot to impress Dale!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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