Dad’s been inspecting Dana to see what terminator body part she needs. Her jaw and the front of her head are definitely misshapen.  Her teeth don’t line up correctly. I know a lot of alien-humans with jaw problems since they are pretty huge.

She’ll have to wear a brace, and here’s a beautiful designer one:

Manuel Albarran metal couture

Manuel Albarran metal couture

via Manuel Albarran

Of course, Dad will get a cheaper, uglier version from Target. She has to wear this brace for a few months, so she might as well look fashionable!

When the brace comes off, Dad will install a terminator jaw and teeth.  Even though she will be in pain for a while, she’ll eventually get a beautiful terminator jaw instead of the massive alien one, like this one:

Normal alien jaw

Normal alien jaw

via Ugo entertainment

Dana won’t have a chin that can poke someone in the eye. I am so jealous!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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