If this guy Kabeer Parwani can manage to make Toy Story 3 look scary, then you know Prometheus is going to be horrific. The music is terrifying! That means Ridley Scott learned nothing about real aliens and still made us look evil villains.

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I have a soft spot for trailer mash-ups — the “Toy Story” and “Star Trek” one was genius, and there was that great hybrid of “Up” and “Inception” — and Jay West just sent me a link to this new one. There’s an awful lot of clever energy and nimble imagination at work in these.

What’s the best one you’ve seen? If you come up with a Top 5 ranking (with links, please) we’ll give the coolest collection a guest post and byline here on Hero Complex.

— Geoff Boucher


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Ridley Scott: ‘Magic comes  over the horizon’

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Michael Fassbender on ‘Prometheus’

Ridley Scott seeks the ‘original DNA’ of ‘Alien’

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Ridley Scott: I came to science fiction by backdoor

Rutger Hauer: Chris Nolan should revisit ‘Blade Runner’

Ridley Scott: ‘Blade Runner’…

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