Dana woke up a full size alien today. Really weird that she doesn’t look like an infant anymore. Even though alien bodies grow quickly, our brains still take years to develop. So she still acts like a baby.

And she’s carrying this hilarious stuffed animal my Mom’s best friend, Sally, gave her!

Chestbuster stuffed animal

Chestbuster stuffed animal

via ThinkGeek

Isn’t it just adorable??  It even has the second mouth!

Dana actually remembers being incredibly energetic as a chestburster. Mom says the hormone levels at that stage are so high, that you actually feel manic.  That’s why we speed across the room and literally bounce off the walls.

Mom tries holding Dana in her lap, but she’s almost Mom’s size. I think we all wish she was still a cute chestburster. Humans really are lucky they can cuddle their babies for a longer time. Maybe that’s why aliens lay so many eggs. Everyone loves a little one around the house.

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Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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