Can I tell you how cool it is to see Nana Ripley and Uncle John chill at our place? They’re both so brilliant and can chat for hours. Half the time, I barely understand what they’re saying though.  They usually talk about Skynet at some point and how it’s going to come back, blah, blah. I really hate when they get all paranoid and stuff! It freaks me out. Can’t they just enjoy life?? I mean, no one knows what’s going to happen, right?

They go to the backyard to smoke which pisses me off.  I mean, John Connor, the savior of humans, and Ellen Ripley, the mother of alien-humans, do not take care of themselves at all! At least Nana stopped drinking a few years ago and eats organic food, but Uncle John eats and drinks crap.  We’ve all told them to stop smoking, but they say they just want to be normal. They’re tired of being important for the survival of their races and hate the attention.  At least another Ellen Ripley clone will be released soon, so Nana will have less pressure.

When they go into the nursery though, they both forget about Skynet and their stressful lives. Nana especially loves being around kids.  Dana will be fully grown soon, so we want to enjoy her as a baby as long as we can. She plays with her stuffed animals with Uncle John and chats nonstop.

Nana builds these insane Lego spaceships with her and keeps saying Dana will be the astronaut in the family. I hope not because most humans don’t trust aliens in space, just with history and all.

Dana molts again and starts falling asleep. Mom says she’ll probably wake up full-size. I can tell she’s upset. It’s really too bad we’re babies for such a short time. I just hope and pray Mom doesn’t lay any more eggs just so she has a little one to cuddle. I’d rather we just get a cat!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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