I feel James Cameron wants to be in other worlds. I mean, didn’t he travel really deep into the ocean a little while ago? And now he wants to go into space to do something with asteroids or moons or something? Who knows where this guy is heading next!

Dad tried getting in touch with James Cameron a few times, but he totally blew us off.  I mean, he made Aliens and The Terminator and Terminator 2!!  He’s filmed both sides of my family!  I wish he could see how cool we are.  I guess he just likes fantasy.

He didn’t even want to meet Uncle John!  He wrote about the savior of the human race, you would think he’d want to meet the real guy, right?  One of his assistants said Mr. Cameron wanted to create his own image of John. Uncle hates that Terminator 2 shows him as a total delinquent. I mean, he always got straight A’s and was a star baseball player.  Uncle didn’t even see the later movies and hates when we mention them or Cameron.

I would hate if someone made a movie about me, and it was totally wrong. That’s what people think you’re like. You can’t believe everything in the movies!

The original Ellen Ripley met Cameron once before he decided to make Aliens.  Nana never met the original Ripley, but some of her clones told her about their meeting. James made some horrible comments about aliens, and she spit in his face!  I mean, she’s friends with aliens! And she had kids with one of them!

But I have to admit, even though he dissed our family, I love Avatar and Titanic!  What amazing romances, right? He is such a talented director! I really want to act in one of his films, maybe another romance. I could even be the new Ellen Ripley, but one with a better fashion sense!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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