Designed by the amazing Alexander McQueen. I wish I had the chance to model for him!

Alexander McQueen's alien high heel shoes

Alexander McQueen’s alien high heel shoes

via Geekologie

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Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Alan says:

    Way ahead of you, Ripley.

  2. […] Even the heels are based on McQueen’s design! I posted a picture of them in May 12th’s entry “Check out these heels inspired by my people!” […]

  3. They are awesome, I would actually buy theme and put theme in a glass case as a piece of art sculpture!! Thanks for liking my post!!!!

  4. Those Alexander McQueen shoes are too awesome and amazing for words. Wear those and you never have to worry about making conversation with new people at a party.

    I wrote a blog, “Stepping in Style” in January of 2012, and the shoes I showed were tame compared to these. I love them!!! Terrific blog.

    • I know I love those shoes! I am so sad McQueen passed away. He really understood the alien body. It is pretty hard to find cool shoes like those! Keep reading–I found more amazing fashions! Thanks for reading!! You have a great blog too! Continued success.

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