Hal, Elizabeth and I decided to go to the mall for more clothes for Dana and a new dress for me. Dana molted five more times yesterday and is half the size of an adult alien. She’ll probably become full size in another week.

I insisted I drive since I really need more practice.  I’m fine driving in my neighborhood. But I have to be able to drive to the mall, right? I drove Hal’s Audi which has a special headrest for aliens, thank God. I wasn’t smacking the back of my head like in Dad’s car.

I thought I did pretty well, but Hal said I was speeding a few times.  And I do not like parking! I never get in straight, and Hal made me redo it like a thousand times. He said I need more parking practice just like Dad said over and over. I wish I could drive and someone else could park for me.

Finally he let us go inside, and we start at Macy’s. Dana’s wearing some of Elizabeth’s hand-me-downs but doesn’t like dresses.  She wanted jeans and t-shirts. I really hope she doesn’t become a tomboy like Maria. At least Hal bought some adorable printed tops and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. He will buy Dana designer clothes once she figures out her style.  I hope it’s my style! Elizabeth fell in love with a gorgeous deep purple and pink skirt, so Hal had to buy it for her.

I needed a new dress for my best friend’s sweet sixteen. Lisa and her parents finally picked the hotel, and it’s going to be at the end of June.  A formal event, perfect time to shine and, of course, everybody will be there, including you know who!! They’re not assigning seats, so I’m going to sit next to Dale if it kills me! I have the rest of the school year to make my move, so maybe he’ll ask me out by then.

I searched for about an hour, and nothing screamed to me.  Then I found the perfect BCBG dress!  I looked stunning! My lean, metal legs totally shined. Thank you Dad for installing these unbelievable long terminator legs! Take a look at the dress:

Gorgeous BCBG Venus cocktail dress!

It’s $268 though, but I kept looking at Hal hoping he would buy it for me. He shook his head and said it was only a sweet 16 party, not the prom.  I so need to find a summer job!

I tried on this $100 Calvin Klein dress that was okay, not as luxurious as the red one:

Calvin Klein One shoulder crepe ruffle sheath dress

He wouldn’t even buy that!!  I will not find anything presentable for less than that!  He said we’ll try another mall next week. But once I find the perfect dress, nothing ever comes close. I have to figure out a way to get that BCBG dress!!

Which dress do you like?

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Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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