Every time a baby hatches, Mom cannot stop crying!  It’s like clockwork. And she doesn’t want to see Dana. So that means we have to pick up the slack. Feed her, bathe her. Thank God Dad took off a week from work because he knew Mom would be depressed.

I suggest again that Mom see a psychiatrist, but she just starts crying in my face.  And when aliens cry, oh my GOD! That’s when we look really disgusting. Our faces swell up, and somehow our heads get even bigger.  Luckily, she doesn’t have any terminator parts because you have to wipe the tears off the metal quickly. For some reason, tears can damage terminator metal. Regular water is fine.

Dad is still deciding what terminator part he has to add to Dana. He always gives us CPU’s, but he usually changes a limb or organ that isn’t very strong. He has access to the hospital for the surgeries, but sometimes, he can just fix us up in his workroom.  He always gives us tune-ups there.

Dad installed metal legs on me because the legs I was born with were pretty scrawny. I had problems walking, and my balance was off with the huge tail and all.  He gave Rick new hands, because his alien hands were pretty tiny for his size.  We aliens have long thin fingers, and his were short and pudgy.  He would always drop things as a kid, and I bet Mom and Dad were tired of cleaning up after him! But how does he use his special gift?  Video games! He could do something productive, right? When Mom begs him to chop veggies, he can finish in a few minutes. We take forever!

I really hope Dana doesn’t need any adjustments. She looks perfect as is.  She molted a few more times since hatching and is outgrowing her clothes so quickly. But I bought a ton of outfits!  Mom was so mad I spent so much money on clothes she’ll wear once, but I said I would give them to friends who have kids or I can save them for my own kids.  She did not like that!  She gave me a speech about going to college before having kids, blah, blah, blah!

Dana just seems to laugh at everything around her and even laughs at Mom yelling at me. Smiling babies are so adorable! Especially smiling alien babies since we have two mouths!  Double the joy, right?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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