I am so excited to announce the birth of my sister, Dana! Her egg started oozing yesterday around 2 pm.  Dad had to rush home from work to make sure she hugged his face.  He just made it!  She was on his face and incubated until around 10 pm.  She came out of Dad’s chest around 7 in the morning.

I know those movies show our births as frightening and gross. The chestbursting is messy, but human births are messy too, right? And after she’s cleaned up, she looks adorable. I think she looks a lot like me!

Dana’s in the corner of the nursery right now growing by the minute. She’s molted twice already, and Dad’s been cleaning up since she burst out.  He adds some metal parts to his chest and has sewn himself back up. He has a few scars on his chest from the previous births. Kinda like C-section scars for you people, I guess.

She has to stay in the nursery for a few days, so Dad can monitor her. So far, she looks healthy and has a strong heartbeat.  She weighs a little more than we did as babies since she was in her egg for a week past her due date.  Dad’s given her a bath, and she even spit a little in his face! Already has a personality!

Throughout the day, family and friends stop by to see her. Ellen Ripley wants to see her, so Hal picks up Nana from the nursing home.  Of course she’s smoking, and Mom has to ask her to stay outside for a while, so she wouldn’t smell up the house. That’s the last thing a baby needs–second hand smoke!

Nana is beaming!  She cannot stop talking about how many alien births she’s seen and how you can see their personalities almost immediately.  I love seeing Nana happy. For once, she’s not complaining about global warming or the hockey game or Fox News or whatever else pisses her off.  Babies always seem to make everyone happy.

Even Uncle John Connor comes with flowers and balloons. He likes seeing the facehugger phase but couldn’t make it yesterday.  He just stares into the nursery window and talks about how amazing birth is.

Uncle John and Aunt Kate don’t have kids of their own. He isn’t sure he can bring a baby into this world knowing Skynet might come back. I think that is so stupid. If you want a child, have one, right?  We don’t know if Skynet will return and that shouldn’t stop you from living anyway.

I’m so excited to have a new sister!  Even the cranky and depressed Rick and Maria seem happy today!  Makes the day even better!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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