Dana is late.  She was supposed to hatch over a week ago, and we’re all pretty concerned. She says she’s okay and doesn’t feel cramped, but Dad still calls Dr. Carmichael to come check on her.

Dr. Carmichael has worked with Dad since Hal was born. We all go see him, and he’s such a jolly man. He reminds us of Santa because he’s pretty fat. It’s weird seeing a fat alien-human doctor. I mean, he should know he has to eat healthy, right?

Dad delivered all of us except Hal and Elizabeth by himself. But since Dad’s a nurse, he can’t prescribe medications if needed. Dr. Carmichael had to induce Hal, and it got pretty tricky. Since both Dad and the doctor were in the nursery when the egg hatched, they had to make sure Hal hugged Dad’s face to incubate him. Poor Dr. Carmichael had to run out of the nursery.  Mom said he came out panting and all sweaty!  He really needs to lose weight!

He also helped with Elizabeth’s delivery.  She was taking too long to turn into a facehugger, so the doctor had to inject some hormones in her.  He had to monitor her for the first year to make sure her hormone levels were stable. Thank God, she’s been fine.

Twenty minutes after Dad called, Dr. Carmichael knocked on the door. Can you believe he was actually finishing up a donut when he walked in?  Luckily he washed up before heading into the nursery!

He asked Dana if she was uncomfortable and getting enough food, and she said she was fine. He checked Dana’s heartbeat through the eggshell, and it pulsated normally. Dana wasn’t outgrowing her egg which was the major worry.  The color of the egg was normal, and it wasn’t dripping too much mucus and gunk.  And she was still getting enough nutrients because the egg weighed a normal amount.  But he said if she didn’t hatch in the next 36 hours, he would have to induce.

Even though she was all slimy, I hugged her egg. She tried hugging back, but the egg kinda got in the way. Dana said she wasn’t ready to hatch yet, but she would try. Problem is, you can’t really force it. You know when you’re supposed to come out.

I really hope the doctor doesn’t have to induce. I think he’s gained weight since Hal’s birth, and he might not run out of the nursery in time.  I want her to have the same Dad as me!!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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