My cousin, Silvia, is getting married to a Hindu guy, Sanjeev, at the end of August.  Silvia is my Dad’s niece. She’s the only child of my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Joe, all terminators, and they’re from Cleveland. We barely know each other, but she seems okay. Kind of plain looking but sweet.

I don’t have many relatives on Dad’s side, so Silvia asked me to be a bridesmaid. I really don’t like Silvia’s taste in clothes, so I didn’t want to. But Mom and Dad told me I had to.

You know me, I LOVE clothes!  But we have to wear these traditional Indian outfits that are way too gaudy for me. I have been dreading to see what she wants me to wear.

Silvia and Aunt Nancy drove in today with huge suitcases. Elizabeth will be the flower girl, and she has been so excited.  She was staring out the window waiting for them.

Silvia opened a suitcase, and it was filled with the brightest neon colors. I almost went blind. Seriously, my LED eyes had to adjust to the colors. Aunt Nancy gave Mom a bright teal long dress, simple and sleek.  And Elizabeth got an adorable pink short dress with a cute scarf.

Silvia handed me a fuchsia and green nightmare. It was disgusting. Who matches bright pink with dark green in the same outfit?? Besides the color, it’s a long dress over baggy pants with a long scarf. I could wear the scarf with a plain black dress if I had to. But not with a glowing pink and dark green dress and baggy pants!  I want to find the designer and smack him!

Silvia knows I take fashion very seriously, and she gives me the worst outfit! I wanted to cry but had to hide behind a smile.  I have to wear this thing in front of 200 guests!  The wedding is in Cleveland, so I won’t know many people there at least. Plus they’re probably not very fashionable. I mean, they are from the Midwest, you know!

Silvia said my outfit was the most expensive and the latest style in India these days. She insisted on buying the latest trend for me since I am a fashionista. I cannot believe this is considered fashion of any time!  At least the other bridesmaids would suffer with me, right?  No!  Silvia said the bridesmaids won’t be in matching outfits. I almost threw up all over it.  I think it would’ve looked better!

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    This is great. Great! -HL

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