I hate going to see my great-great grandmother.  She is so angry at EVERYTHING.  I mean she hates Mitt Romney, she hates Obama, she doesn’t even vote, but we have to hear her complain about this stuff.  Then she started on John Edwards’ affair, how much she hates Facebook, the new Avengers movie, James Cameron and his meteor thing and God knows what else.

We brought her some groceries from her favorite natural foods market. Even though she smokes all the time, she still has to eat organic food.  Makes perfect sense, right?  She’s gluten-free or something and can barely eat anything.  She says it makes her feel better to avoid whatever it is that they have to avoid. I would hate to be around her when she’s feeling bad, you know?

I always try to make conversation with her. I told her prom was coming up and how I wanted to go with this terminator Dale.  She went off.  She said terminators are trouble and that I should find a nice alien boy. I swear every time I try to be civil, she craps all over me! Fail.

Then Maria like an idiot asked her if she was excited about Prometheus. Mom just glared at Maria, and we were all dreading what Nana would say.  All I remember her saying was Ridley Scott…bastard…not real aliens …pathetic…and a bunch of curse words.  I guess she won’t be coming with us to see it!

Nana did lighten up for one thing: hockey! Dad who knows everything about sports, asked her about the Capitals. Of course she loves the sport because of all the fights. She loves this player named Overton or something and how he was probably a terminator but didn’t care.

I hate hockey more than football. Dad took us to one Capitals game, and I almost threw up when I saw blood on some player’s shirt!  I cannot handle blood at all. But if hockey makes her happy, fine. And for my sanity, I hope the Capitals win, so maybe she’ll be a little happier next time we’re dragged here.

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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