This can be a touchy subject for some folks. I really don’t care talking about species-ism. It happens, but I don’t go out of my way looking for it, you know?  I really think some individuals are too paranoid and use the species card way too much! Like Maria, of course.  She will go on and on about this stuff and how one guy didn’t look at her so it must be species-ism and blah blah blah!  Don’t get me wrong, those movies showing us all as evil killers really pisses me off, but in reality, no one has been species-ist to me.

I have heard to avoid certain parts of the world where folks are meaner, especially if you’re an alien-human-terminator like me. That’s gonna be really hard as a model and fashion designer. I mean I have to travel around Earth. I really don’t think anyone can be species-ist around beautiful people, right?!

One time, Mom kinda freaked us out though. My sister Shelley brought Andre home for dinner. He’s a French human, super nice guy.  Really good-looking and smart.  He’s a scientist like Shelley.  Dad was cool with him, but when Mom saw him, she went to the bathroom crying! We were shocked.  I mean, she is part human!

So there we were. My brothers and sisters, Dad and this guy we just met. Shelley went to talk to Mom, and they did come back.  She apologized to Andre about it, but talk about awkward!  Thank God Dad asked Andre about sports, and they were off for a while talking about that home run or goal or whatever.  Then they talked about football, and Dad would not shut up about his stupid metal or steel team.  Andre liked some brown team or something, and then they started arguing. Luckily, they seemed cool when he left. I cannot believe how crazy Dad is about sports!

We asked Mom about all this after he left. She told us about my great-great grandmother. Ellen Ripley dated a human, laid an egg, and her human boyfriend died in childbirth. She also knew a lot of alien friends whose human boyfriends died in childbirth.  Doctors still haven’t figured out how to keep the chestburster from, well, bursting out of the chest.  They’re trying some surgery, kinda like a C-section. But it hasn’t worked yet.

Back then, things were totally different though. I mean, now most aliens are on birth control and can really plan when they lay eggs.

I’m so glad Dad is a terminator and can just sew himself back together.  Dad wants more kids if you can believe it since I guess seven isn’t enough!  Mom said we have to wait until Dana hatches.  She should be hatching soon! I cannot wait to dress her in the cute dresses I bought!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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