Since the humans beat the machines, the War ended a while ago.  I know the movies show a different story. I guess it’s more exciting to see a movie about war than just everyday life with terminators and humans getting along. Believe me, those movies confuse me too. Uncle John (yeah we call him our uncle!) is supposed to be leading the resistance against Skynet right now according to Terminator Salvation. Just remember, don’t believe everything you see in the movies, okay?

So Uncle John came over yesterday. He likes hanging out with us and is still good friends with Grandpa and Dad. I mean Grandpa did save John’s life about a zillion times! I would think it would be nice to stay in touch and hang out, you know!

He brought his girlfriend Kate this time. They make the cutest couple ever!  She’s a vet, and I go to the hospital to play with the cats.  I want a kitten so bad.  Elizabeth does too. But Mom says we have to wait until Dana gets a little older, so the kitten doesn’t attack her.

Uncle John is always smoking and drinking and gets fidgety. Dad says he gets stressed out thinking about the War.  He takes a lot of anti-anxiety pills to calm down. He gets a little paranoid because he still thinks Skynet might come back. PTSD I guess. I feel sorry for him.  It’s a lot of pressure knowing you could be the savior of mankind!

But when he comes over, he tries to relax. He talks to all of us about school and stuff. He is really supportive and says I would make a great model. He even likes my fashion designs!  I mean no one else in this family wants to even look at my drawings. He even went to one of Elizabeth’s dance recitals and cheered the loudest!

I hate when he talks with Maria and Rick though.  They talk about Skynet and the War and really depressing things. That’s when I see him going outside to smoke.  I told Maria so many times to lay off the whole paranoia, but she always says Uncle John brings it up.

Dad and Grandpa just adore him and still want to protect him. They really wish he would take better care of his health.  The smoking and drinking have caught up to him, and he is not in shape at all. Dad tries to get him to play sports with his buddies, but he can barely catch up.

I know he wants to give up smoking and drinking, and Kate tries to help. But when he gets depressed, that’s what helps him, I guess.  I just wish he would stop worrying about Skynet. I mean humans converted terminators to like humans.  Doesn’t he get that??

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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