My friends and I sometimes think about who might be like us, some sorta mix of alien and terminator.  None of these folks have come out, but I really think they should if they are. They could give us all a good name, and it makes us all seem more normal, you know?

Anyway, these are the celebrities:

Lady Gaga: I LOVE GAGA!!  She is my ultimate favorite singer of all time!  She’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? I mean she even calls her fans “little monsters,” right?  So we definitely think straight up alien-human.  And look who’s singing in this hilarious musical about the film Aliens:

Aliens the Musical featuring Lady Gaga by Happy Satellite Productions

Reese Witherspoon: Alien-human. People tell me I look like her because we have really similar jaws.  I’m sure she is never gonna come out. I mean she’s obviously pregnant right now but hasn’t said so!  We can tell honey, just say it!

Angelina Jolie: Alien-human.  Super tall and thin, like model thin.

Check out her gown from the Oscars!

Crazy legs, right?  And those lips are not human, only aliens have lips like hers.

Brad Pitt, her fiancée: First of all, aren’t you so excited they’re finally getting married??? That so made my day.  Anyway, definitely terminator.  Too perfectly chiseled face to not be a terminator, right?  What’s cool is that means their kids are alien-human-terminators like me, at least the ones they gave birth to. I think they adopted a lot of kids to help Angelina keep her body slim.

Justin Bieber:  So terminator. I think The Cleveland Show even shows him as a robot in an episode.

Barack Obama: He’s lived everywhere, and he is everything. Alien-human-terminator.  He might be the first one who became president.

Rick’s favorite band is Metallica: The lead singer and the drummer are both alien-human-terminators, and the other guys are just humans.  A lot of people think the lead singer is just terminator, but you can see some slime once in a while when he sings.  The drummer is always slimy, right?!

Sigourney Weaver: She got into the character Ellen Ripley because she is alien-human. She studied a lot about plain aliens though and got to know some. Hard to find folks who are just aliens though, since there were so many interspecies relationships after the war.

Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a terminator, he’s just human.  I mean, he’s a bit too obvious, you know?  He tries too hard.  If you are a terminator you don’t have to prove yourself and go overboard. Definitely over-acting on his part, right?  But here is another musical about the film Terminator:

TERMINATOR the Musical by Happy Satellite Productions

Who do you think is an alien or terminator??

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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