Dad was watching something on the sports station tonight that didn’t look like a sport. He said football teams were picking who they wanted on their teams. Oh GOD. Don’t you hate when they do that in P.E?  All of us girl aliens get chosen last and, of course, all the terminators get picked first. I don’t like any of the games anyway and hate to sweat. Aliens do not look good when we sweat.  Believe me.  Thank God Dale has never been in my P.E. class.

I figured this was a good time to ask Dad about football. I had to learn a little at least, so I could talk to Dale about something.  You should’ve seen Dad’s eyes light up! Seriously, his LED eyes lit up to a brighter red.

He put on a DVD of some football game. Yeah, he actually has DVD’s of games.  He tried explaining the goal of the game and the number of players on each team and everything. All I could see was their cute butts!

The game is so brutal, and I cannot imagine Dale getting hit like that.  I mean he’s too cute to get all banged up.  And he doesn’t have any terminator parts in his body, just the CPU.  That means he really gets hurt like humans! I wish I could give him my terminator legs, so he could away from everyone.

Dad’s team wears black and yellow. Something about coal mining or something.  Or maybe it’s steel?  Whatever it is, he says most of his terminator buddies like them.  I like the blue team with the horse on their hats.  The lead guy is pretty cute. Dad says he’s supposed to be blessed by God, but he’s probably just a terminator.  Dad says at the end of every game, he seems to turn up the dial and the terminator kicks in.  They’re not supposed to do that though. Dad said that team didn’t pick him again for next season. Maybe God has better plans for him.

I am so glad I go to church, so I can avoid Dad’s insane football parties next season too. I guess I have to find something else I can talk to Dale about.

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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