My dad saw the video teaser of David, the android, in Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie Prometheus.  And he totally thinks David is played by his friend, Ben, a terminator!!!  How amazing is that, right?

Here’s the video:

Dad said Ben starred in a few plays in college and was so talented. But they always cast him as a robot or terminator. And in reality, Ben was so cool, laid-back and hilarious.   His personality never came through.  Ben got really tired of everyone thinking he could only play terminators and androids, so Dad thought he was giving up acting. But I guess not!!

Dad emailed him but didn’t get a response.  I bet he’s too busy now that he’s a star, right?? I haven’t met him, but I so hope we can get in touch with him. Maybe he can help me break into acting.  A lot of actresses go into modeling and fashion design, you know!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. […] in my April 26th post, “David from Prometheus looks like Dad’s college buddy,” I wrote that Dad emailed his friend, Ben. He’s a terminator college buddy who got stuck […]

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