If you’re wondering how Ellen Ripley is still alive, she’s a clone.  I think she’s a clone of a clone from the one you saw in Alien Resurrection. I’m not sure. There have been so many of them, I don’t even think she can keep track.  She definitely has Ellen’s DNA though. Scientists are making another clone right now.  I don’t know why they keep doing that. I mean don’t they have better things to do?


The Ellen Ripley I know as my great-great grandmother, Nana, is 86 years old, smokes and lives in a nursing home. She has a lot of health problems, so she needs round the clock care. But of course, she still smokes!  It is so disgusting! Her teeth are completely yellow and she’s always coughing on us.  Mom said she used to be beautiful, but I totally cannot see it.  She dresses in these oversized clothes that are so unflattering.  And she is so bitter and hateful! I can tell where Maria gets her attitude!  My great grandmother doesn’t like her anymore since she is so stubborn and never visits her own mom.


I can kind of understand her point. I mean, Nana complains ALL THE TIME! She always says how miserable life was on the ship.  They never had any good food, and her coworkers were jealous that aliens actually liked her.  She was like the alien whisperer or something.  The aliens talked to her, played board games and stuff. Thing was, the aliens could tell the other humans didn’t like them. So why should they talk to these people?  Nana actually went up to one, shook hands and made a joke when they first saw the aliens.  What do you think her coworkers did?  They ran and screamed.  Yeah, I want to be friends with people who hate me, right?

Giger's Alien, as portrayed by Bolaji Badejo i...

Joe, Ellen Ripley's friend, in Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Nana was young, she actually met Ridley Scott when he was filming the original Alien. She said he never even looked at her and didn’t seem to like any aliens. She didn’t think he had any alien friends which is why he showed us all so horribly.  Nana says the older generations didn’t take care of their hygiene as much and that’s what Ridley filmed us looking gross.


It’s really weird that she totally defends him. She’s glad someone made movies about aliens at least, otherwise everyone just ignores us. We’re like America’s dirty little secret.  Even though we look brutal in those movies, she’s glad someone at least hired real aliens to play us. And maybe someone will get it right and show us like we’re normal.


I’m hoping now that Ridley Scott has some alien friends, he does a better job with Prometheus.


About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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